ChronoTrack Systems


The ChronoTrack System allows event organizers to focus their energy elsewhere, not only on the days leading up to an event but also on race day. Since the disposable ChronoTrack tags can be attached to the runner's shoe or race bib the additional effort and organizational needs to distribute thousands of timing devices disappears.

The ChronoTrack system utilizes the single-use D-Tag or B-Tag relieving the headache of collecting timing devices as well. Disposable timing systems alleviate the need for additional volunteers and harried collection procedures. The ChronoTrack system is not only easier, but it is also more cost effective. The tag cost has been significantly reduced to the point where they can be safely disposed of after a race while preserving the quality and accuracy needed for a timing system.


Chronotrack B-Tag Instructions

Single-use tag
No tag collection
No tag lost fee
Easy distribution, no added hassle
Option for packet mailing
The D-tag is compact, minimizing space requirements at normal packet pick-up and registrations
Eliminate a post-race traffic choke point
Elimination of volunteers or staff at finish line for chip collection
Frees up volunteers and staff to help and work elsewhere at your event
Tag attachment method is more efficient
ChronoTrack timers have the ability to post live results and runner tracking
Additional marketing space on the tag for your race sponsors
Accurate athlete verification with the athletes name directly on the tag and bib


The ChronoTrack Bib Tag (B-Tag) is attached directly to the bib so user error is significantly reduced due to just having to wear the Bib number on the front of your body and pinned down on all four corners.

No post-race collection
No added hassle for athletes
Easy to distribute
Reduces potential for human error
Landfill safe